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OUR Urban Rally

Our popular city game is a great team-building activity. Our facilitators are organizing the event according to your needs. In a game setup we make small teams of 4 – 6 people each. The teams compete against each other in completing as many Urban Challenges as possible in the streets of Berlin. The Challenges are designed to have the teams playfully interact with the city and among the team members, boosting their creativity, drive in cooperative action and personal bonds within the team.

Team event

Booking request for your team

Send us a booking request, and we will get back to you to confirm availability and discuss further details to prepare a custom quote for you.

Because exploring the city is much more fun if you have a mission.

  • Map

    Get to know the city in a creative and playful way.

  • Team

    Activate your team spirit in this competitive game.

  • Memories

    Create memories that your team will be sharing for a long time.

  • Duration

    2.5 hours (adjustable)

  • Location


    Flexible start/end location, e.g. your hotel or office.

  • Price

    18€* / person


    9-150 people

* price excl. VAT

Custom options

We offer custom options, such as changing the duration, start and/or end location, adding custom challenges related to your team, live photo prints for memories, video summaries etc. Contact us for further details!

Teams from these companies enjoyed our Rally

Teams from these companies enjoyed our Rally
… and many more!

Frequently asked Questions

How much time do we need plan in for the whole event?
Is the Rally focused on a specific area of Berlin?
Where does the rally start/end?
What are the prizes for the winners?
Can we pay via credit card or bank transfer?
Is it possible to add custom challenges related to our business or organization?
What's the recommended minimum age?
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