We hope you’ll return here often to keep your exploration skills sharp as you play along with us through the game!
Our posts will give you our inside views of the daily adventure that is life on the road. We’ll put you in touch with urban subcultures through challenges that take you for a walk on the wild side. You’ll read about what our team has been up to, be entertained by tales about your fellow urban challengers and find out where the game has taken them so far.

Here’s a short summary of what you can expect to find on this blog:

Tips, tricks and techniques for getting more out of travel

Our challenges and “how-to” posts will give you quick-to-implement techniques so that you can travel deeper, not just farther, when you are out and about in the city. Sometimes, a change of perspective can turn the mundane into the exotic in a few seconds, so we’ll lead you to hidden areas and give you new ideas for ways to play around with your outlook and expectations.

Which type of traveler are you? Once you find out from doing some of our challenges, we can give you fun tips and tasks to help you to make the most of it … or to try an entirely new approach!

Language and other communication skills

Although we believe that it’s impossible (and maybe even undesirable) to fully prepare yourself for all the challenges you’ll face while traveling, communication skills are an indispensable tool. To that end, we’ll be passing on some simple phrases to help you to cross the communication barrier more smoothly. We’re also bursting with fun ideas and games that’ll ease you into each new city in a playful way so you can break out of the “tourist-friendly” circuit and experience a culture in its entirety.

Directions to the road less traveled

To us, the best thing about travel is the way that it snaps us out of autopilot mode. We believe that every day on the road is an opportunity to revive our routine-deadened senses. By straying off the beaten path and embracing the sensory overload of each new city, you’ll get the maximum out of your trip … and out of yourself.
Let’s explore parts unknown together! Whether you’re taking our challenges or reading our blog, you can chart your course there with Urban Challenger!