Unique and Memorable Customer Gifts for the Holiday Season: Urban Challenger Card Decks!

The supermarkets are once again filled with gingerbread, speculoos, and dominos. And even though Christmas and the New Year are still a while away, it is already time to think about suitable gifts for valued customers. This can be to express gratitude for their loyalty, enhance customer retention, or initiate new contract agreements.

While classics like pens, calendars, or something sweet are an option, standing out from the rest is possible with a deck of cards from Urban Challenger as a customer gift. Our challenges create a variety of positive and exciting emotions. Moreover, it is a lasting gift, as our standard game creates valuable experiences and memories in all cities. These will also reflect positively on your company as the giver.

Do you want us to send the card game directly to your customers? Or do you want a customized card game for your clients, with your logo and/or custom challenges that have a connection to your company? Or both?

We offer tiered discounts as well as personalization for your company. Request a customized quote now.

Tax Aspects (Germany)

Companies can deduct gifts to customers up to 35 euros per person per year as business expenses.

Since the recipient of your gift would have to record its value as operating income and pay taxes on it, you can cover these amounts as the giver with a lump-sum tax (30%). In addition, there is also the church tax and solidarity surcharge. This way, gifts to your customers remain tax-free.

"Promotional items" whose acquisition or production costs are below 10 euros are tax-free and do not need to be reported separately. The value-added tax is not included in the acquisition or production costs if you are entitled to input tax deduction, as stated by the Federal Ministry of Finance.

Important: These notes are not tax advice and are provided without guarantee. It is best to consult your tax advisor regarding the tax treatment of gifts if you have any questions.

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