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    Get to know the beautiful sights of Mannheim off the beaten tracks.

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    Make the city your playground and the people by your side fellow adventurers.

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Self directed Urban Rally

Self directed Urban Rally

Play with friends
  • 2.5 Hours
  • 3-9 people
  • Self directed

Do the Urban Challenger Rally with friends or family on your terms. Download the app, buy a ticket, and get started immediately.

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Team event with facilitator

Team event with Facilitator

For Groups and Companies
  • 3 Hours +/-
  • 9-100 people
  • With facilitator

Our Urban Challenger Rally for teams is tailored for larger groups and companies. Our facilitators will plan the event according to your needs and guide you through the game setup.

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Bridges of Mannheim

Your challenge is to cross every bridge you run into on your urban exploration. Take a picture of the team on each bridge that you cross.


With the desire to discover hidden places, the Explorer keeps finding little treasures throughout Mannheim.

Stumbling Blocks

Outside of many of Mannheim's buildings there are yellow bricks built into the pavement – they're called Stolpersteine or "stumbling blocks". Find out the meaning of these stones, spot one in the streets and take a picture.

Time Traveler

Travel through space and time and take a glimpse into Mannheim’s past by finding places that have rich stories to tell.

Yummy Ice Cream

A new type of ice cream was invented in Mannheim in the sixties which is now known all around the world. Find out which ice cream that is and try it.


You will learn about the specialties Mannheim can offer your sense of taste and eat like the locals do.

Trees of Mannheim

Find three different trees that live in Mannheim. Take a picture of your team with the trees. Bring a leave of each tree and find out what tree species it is.

Nature Lover

Within this green city you will find ways to get in touch with nature and look for traces of wildlife in the streets.

Make an Urban Sketch

In this challenge, you'll pick out a part of the city that has a special feeling for you and try to capture it in a sketch.


You will spot famous street art pieces and perceive the city living out your artistic side in these challenges.

Invent a Handshake

Invent a unique greeting ritual for your team. It has to have at least five moves. You could use it as a celebration each time you complete a challenge.


These challenges will have you approaching people in Mannheim and connect more deeply with your fellow teammates.

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Teams from these companies enjoyed our Rally

Teams from these companies enjoyed our Rally
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Urban Challenger App and Playing Cards

The Urban Challenger app contains all the challenges with bits of information to help you complete them. It’ll keep track of the challenges you’ve done, tell you how much time is left and how many points you have collected so far.

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Urban Challenger team event in Berlin
Team doing the Yogi Challenge
Team doing the Superpower Challenge
Team arriving back after completing the game
Team sorting out which challenge to do next
Person doing the Rubbing Challenge
Team doing the Yogi Challenge
Urban Challenger Rally Facilitator Simon briefing the teams
Team doing the Wegbier Challenge
Team doing the Hinterhof Challenge
Team doing the Yogi Challenge
Team using the Urban Challenger App
Teams getting started
Teams getting briefed

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