Experience Berlin playfully with your Team

Are you looking for a fun and engaging team-building activity that playfully boosts connection and creativity in your team?

  • Explore Berlin with a mission in a creative and playful way.

  • Activate your team spirit and grow together by taking our urban challenges.

  • Create memories that your team will share for a long time.

Urban Challenger App and Playing Cards

Private Team Event

  • Flexible
  • 5+ people
  • Live Game Host

Our Team Edition is specifically designed for private groups and companies, with team building elements integrated into the game. Our event manager will assist in customizing the event to meet your specific needs. During the event, a game host will guide you and your group through the game.

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Public Event

  • 2.5 Hours
  • 1+ people
  • Live Game Host

Join one of our public events and form a team with other attendees, or bring your friends and start a team to compete against others. Our game host will monitor the results as you play, and the team with the highest score will win a prize.

With our App

  • 2.5 Hours
  • 2-5 people
  • Berlin

Ready to take on the Urban Challenger City Game with your friends or family? Just download our app or play in your browser. All you need is a "Yes, let's do it" attitude, 2 hours of your time, and some allies to join you. Let's go!

Get the Cards

  • 2.5 Hours
  • 2-5 people
  • Any City

The printed edition of our Urban Challenger city game is a great gift option and provides a nice alternative for those who are tired of spending too much time on their phones. Holding cards in your hand and passing them around is a lot of fun when choosing challenges together.

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Explore the Cathedral

The Berlin Cathedral is a magnificent church located on the Museum Island. Despite turning black on the outside from the exhaust of surrounding traffic, its interior still shines in its original colors.


The Explorer's desire to discover hidden places leads them to find little treasures throughout Berlin. These challenges will reveal have you see Berlin from a whole new perspective.

Reading at Dussmann

Dussmann, the cultural department store, boasts an incredibly large selection of literature. Visit the store and explore its aisles to discover books by your favorite authors or genres. Then, read a page out loud to the team.


These challenges provide an opportunity for you to be creative and explore your own forms of expression while drawing inspiration from the art found throughout Berlin.

The Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is the most iconic building in Germany. It was once a part of the Berlin Wall and a symbol for the division of Germany. Let's take a closer look at its structure!

Time Traveler

Travel through space and time to discover traces of history in the present. Take a glimpse into Berlin's past by finding places with rich stories to tell.

Team of Heroes

Share your superpower with each other. Choose an ability or trait that you like about yourself, and find a body posture that expresses this superpower.


These challenges are small, creative activities that can help break the ice and connect you with the people in your team and the city around you in a playful way.

Urban Wildlife Safari

Many wild animal species have adapted quite well to life in urban environments. Look for these animals in the city and observe how they shape their lives in this unique habitat.

Nature Lover

Take on the challenges in this category and discover the best green spaces in Berlin to relax and unwind. Connect with the local plants and animals on your journey.

Firewurst Challenge

Get a Currywurst and share it with the team. Make it spicy for the extra challenge ;)


Embark on a sensory journey with these challenges to explore the specialties, flavors, and secrets of Berlin's local cuisine. Experience new tastes and smells like never before!

With challenges from these categories

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Get to know Berlin!

"Hillarious, fun, unique, off the beaten path! Great for a big group team-building. Simon was a great leader and we had a ball!"


5 Star Rating


"Very nice experience. Living in Berlin or not is awesome. Very very good to do with friends or coworkers"


5 Star Rating

Had a lovely time!

"We loved this activity and had so much fun as a team-building exercise! We highly recommend this especially for a little tour of Berlin :)"

Julie S

5 Star Rating


"Urban Challenger has been a great experience it was an opportunity to be able to collaborate and explore Berlin in a very insightful and fun way it would truly is not to be replicated and and experience I would recommend to everyone"

Nataly P

5 Star Rating

Amazing experience

"Amazing and splendid team event activities with mindfulness and entertainment. Definitely to choose for your next trip"

Saurabh K

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Are you looking for a fun and engaging team-building activity that playfully boosts connection and creativity in your team?

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Urban Challenger team event in Berlin
Team doing the Yogi Challenge
Team doing the Superpower Challenge
Team arriving back after completing the game
Team sorting out which challenge to do next
Person doing the Rubbing Challenge
Team doing the Yogi Challenge
Urban Challenger Rally Facilitator Simon briefing the teams
Team doing the Wegbier Challenge
Team doing the Hinterhof Challenge
Team doing the Yogi Challenge
Team using the Urban Challenger App
Teams getting started
Teams getting briefed

All in one convenient app

Urban Challenger App and Playing Cards

The Urban Challenger app contains all the challenges with bits of information to help you complete them. It’ll keep track of the challenges you’ve done, tell you how much time is left and how many points you have collected so far.

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