How it works

Urban Challenger is a city game where you and your team or friends complete as many challenges as possible within two hours. To earn points, you upload proof of each completed challenge through the app.

Urban Challenger is available in major cities across Germany, and we also offer an "Any City" edition that you can play in any city worldwide.

Book an Event

An Urban Challenger Game Host will accompany you live (remotely or on-site) to give feedback to the challenges. Choose a suitable date and book your event.

Booking Request

Go to the starting point

At the scheduled event time, proceed to the starting point indicated in your booking confirmation. We can customize events and arrange personalized starting points, such as your office or hotel.

Master Challenges

At the event, you'll meet your Game Host either on-site or remotely via WhatsApp. Create teams competing against each other, install the Urban Challenger app and scan the login code provided by the Game Host.

Your game begins now. Complete as many urban challenges as possible within two hours, uploading proof of your achievements through the app. Our Game Hosts will review your submissions in real time, giving feedback and awarding points, if you mastered the challenge together as a team.

Win the Game

The game ends when time runs out. If you've earned enough points, you'll win prizes. All teams are shown on our leaderboard, competing for the high score. In larger groups, the team with the most points wins.

Frequently asked Questions

What are the prizes for the winners?
How much time do we need to plan for the whole event?
Can we customize the game?
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