Frequently asked Questions

Team Events

Any City

What are the prizes for the winners?
Do you offer both in-person and virtual team building events?
What is the ideal group size?
How much will it cost?
How is team building accomplished?
Is there an ice breaker activity?
Can you host hybrid teams?
Can we customize the game?
Can we cancel or reschedule a booked event?
How much walking distance is covered during the game?
Is Urban Challenger suitable for people with limited mobility?
What payment methods do you accept?


How does the game's route in the city go?
What's the recommended minimum age?
What are the prizes for the winners?
Where does the event start/end?
Is the game focused on a specific area of Berlin?
How much time do we need to plan for the whole event?

Card Game & Apps

How can we play with more than one team?
How many people can play this game?
How can this game be played?
What does it mean that this game can be played anywhere?

App & Online Version

How can we access the online version?
What is the purpose of the online version?
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