About Urban Challenger

Our Story

It all started with a trip to India. We, the co-founders and brothers Daniel and Simon Heitz, used to travel together often. On one occasion, we were in Mumbai and we came up with a game: to use every mode of transportation the city had to offer on that day. It was such an adventure with no right or wrong turns, just lots of fun ways of embracing the city. Fast forward a few years and we decided to offer this discovery to other people. We founded Urban Challenger, a team-building game for work teams of all sizes and across sectors and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to make city exploration and travel an active pursuit. We want to encourage people to move through the world playfully and connect with each other. Only in direct interaction with the environment and others around us can we experience connection in the true sense of the word. Instead of an observer, become an agent. Will you join our community of Urban Challengers?

Who We Are

Urban Challenger is the organizer of authentic team-building experiences, both on-site across many locations in Germany, and virtually via an all-in-one convenient app. Our mission is to empower teams and boost team cohesion, creativity and personal bonds. We help teams of all sizes through the power of connection. 

We provide customized packages to tailor the game to suit specific needs. Our experienced game designers create unique and memorable team experiences to align with individually set goals and objectives. 

Events Completed
Largest Group
Challenges all over Germany

Our Values

We like to be challenged (obviously!)

Personal growth is our way of being. We understand that everything we do is constantly evolving. We are not afraid of dreaming big and failing even bigger. Who knows, maybe one day our dream of redefining the team-building and travel experience might come true. One small hard step at a time. Test our limits and challenge the challengers. 

We are transparent

We talk openly in our team and with our clients and partners. If there is something to be concerned about, rest assured we will speak our minds. Building and maintaining trust is very important to us. 

We embrace inclusivity

Working with people across cultures, remotely and with different backgrounds has helped us see the power of diversity. We embrace inclusivity in all shapes and forms. One day we run an event for a big team of developers working at a bank, the next we are helping a startup get their remote team spread across the world together. Talking to different teams and serving their specific needs keep us on our toes at all times. 

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