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Urban Challenger App and Playing Cards

Make the city your playground with our CARD GAME

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Urban Challenger App and Playing Cards

The Urban Challenger city game shifts the way you approach a city to a playful and curious mode. That’s all you need for the adventure!

  • Exploring the city is much more fun if you have a mission!

  • Challenges of various categories will connect you with the city and its people.

  • Hop right into action, that's where the best stories are written!

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Urban Challenger Card Game

  • This Urban Challenger Edition can be played in any city.
  • Recommended playtime: 2.5 hours (can be played shorter or longer).
  • 2 to 5 players per team (one deck of cards is needed per team).
  • Includes free access to the online version, complete with timer and point counter.
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Most Helpful Reviews

5 Star Rating

Fun trip

"Awesome experience. We had fun wandering through the city and completing challenges. We really advise doing it for fun."

blessing e
5 Star Rating


"Did this as a team challenge with colleagues and it was so much fun! Would definitely recommend it!!!"

Malene E
5 Star Rating

Explore local life.

"Great way to explore and experience local culture. And of course get some steps in in the process. Fun!"


32 Challenges in 6 Categories

This card game can be played in any city

If you are traveling, for example, this game is perfect for getting in touch with the new city right away. You can also play Urban Challenger in your own city. You will definitely experience it differently than before. Here's how to get started: choose an area in the city where you want to play, agree on a starting point, and begin. Neighborhoods with a lot of activity on the street are ideal.

Free online access included

Along with the card game, you will also receive access to the online version of Urban Challenger. There you can start a timer and keep track of your points while playing. All challenges are available in the online version, some with additional information and links. You can also upload your results there if you participate in Urban Challenger events. For example, check out our Monthly Challenge promotion!

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What is the purpose of the online version?
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