Experience your city playfully with your Team

Are you looking for a fun and engaging team-building activity that playfully boosts connection and creativity in your team?

  • Explore the city in a creative and playful way.

  • Activate your team spirit and grow together.

  • Create memories that your team will share for a long time.

  • Duration
    2.5 hours (flexible)
  • Location


    Flexible start/end location, e.g. your hotel or office.

  • Price
    Starting at 18€ / person

    Price excl. VAT

    5+ people

Available in many popular Cities in Germany

… or in any city with a remote Game Host via WhatsApp

Team-Building Challenges

Our Team Edition encourages playful interaction within the city and among team members, boosting creativity, driving cooperation, and strengthening personal bonds. Unique challenges help players discover new sides of themselves and create great stories to tell, resulting in more connection within the team and a lot of fun.

Game Host

The on-site game host will brief your team, explain the rules, familiarize you with the app, and get you started. As you explore the city, the host will live-check the evidence you submit in the app to verify successful completion of each challenge. Finally, after the game has ended, the game host will meet with your team again to announce the winners.

Win a Prize

At the end of the game, there is an exciting prize to be won that gets players fired up to give their best. We offer various prizes, including our beloved Urban Challenger Card Game or the coveted Urban Challenger trophy. Additionally, you can bring your own merchandise or prizes to give away to winning teams, which provides added incentive and serves as a marketing strategy for your brand.

Flexible Start- & End Point

The game can be played in other parts of the city. Moreover, the starting and/or endpoint can be customized to meet your needs. For instance, you may choose to begin the event at your office or hotel.

Delivery Hero

Approach a person on the street and ask them when was the last time they ordered food. Then, ask them what their favorite restaurant or type of food is when ordering delivery.

Draw a Map

While completing the challenges, draw a map and mark where you have completed each challenge. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it challenges your mapping skills.

User Research

Approach a person on the street who is wearing headphones and ask them which podcast or audiobook they have recently listened to and which platform they used.

Brand Research

Draw the Under Armour logo with pen and paper. Approach people on the street and ask them if they know the brand.

When you find a person who knows the brand, take a selfie with them.

Invent a Greeting Ritual

“Play as a team to win the world” is one of Miro’s core values. Invent a unique greeting ritual for your team. It has to have at least five moves. Use it as a celebration each time you complete a challenge.

Customized Games

We offer the option to add custom challenges and tasks to the game that are specific to your company or industry. Before designing the challenges, we take the time to understand your company's culture, values, and vision. Our team of experienced game designers will work with you to create a unique and memorable experience that aligns with your goals and objectives. Custom challenges can also provide valuable insight and user research from the streets.

Small Teams to large Conferences

Our game is perfect for teams of all sizes, from small groups to large conferences. We understand that different groups have different needs, which is why we work closely with you to customize the game to your specifications. Whether you have 5 people or 5000, we have the experience and expertise to tailor the game to suit your group and ensure that every player has a great time.

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