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The Urban Challenger city game shifts the way you approach a city. If you’re looking for your next adventure with your team, you’re in the right place!

  • Exploring the city is much more fun if you have a mission!

  • Challenges of various categories will connect you with the city and its people.

  • Hop right into action, that's where the best stories are written!

Urban Challenger App and Playing Cards

Play in your Favorite City

Aim High

Find the highest accessible point in your surroundings from which you can get a view of the city skyline. It could be a tall residential building, a church tower, or a hill. The important thing is that you get up high!


The Explorer's desire to discover hidden places leads them to find little treasures throughout the city. These challenges will reveal a new city hidden within the one you already know.

Write an Urban Haiku

Playing a game, /
City's grand soul now revealed, /
Words work their magic.

Take your time and let the city seep into you. Then write an urban haiku.


These challenges provide an opportunity for you to be creative and explore your own forms of expression while drawing inspiration from the art found throughout the city.

Bring the Sculptures to Life

Every city has sculptures, ranging from abstract art to statues of influential people. Find three different sculptures. Interact with each sculpture in a way that brings it to life.

Time Traveler

Travel through space and time to discover traces of history in the present. Take a glimpse into the city's past by finding places with rich stories to tell.

Swap it!

Get a flower in the next flower shop and exchange it with a person on the street for whatever they are willing to give you in exchange. Trade what you’re given with the next person and so on.


These challenges are small, creative activities that can help break the ice and connect you with the people in your team and the city around you in a playful way.

Urban Wildlife Safari

Try to find as many wild animal species in their natural environment as you can. Take a picture of them. Pets don’t count.

Nature Lover

Take on the challenges in this category and discover the best green spaces in the city to relax and unwind. Connect with the local plants and animals on your journey.

Try Something New

When did you try something new the last time? Find and try something edible that you have never tried before in a grocery store or a local farmers market.


Embark on a sensory journey with these challenges to explore the specialties, flavors, and secrets of local cuisine. Experience new tastes and smells like never before!

With challenges from these categories

Latest Customer Stories

Simon Heitz

Delivery Hero's Competitive Team Spirit and Virtues

Delivery Hero's international product department team of 15 members showcased their competitive and positive team spirit during a team-building event in Berlin. Despite the rain, they enthusiastically participated in challenges, exhibited traits of a successful team, and achieved high scores.

Simon Heitz

Record setting performance by GEM Business School

GEM Business School, known for its commitment to innovation and industry connections, brought four teams to Berlin for the Urban Challenger event. Despite different strategies, all teams had a great time and considered it the highlight of their trip.

Rated “Excellent” on TripAdvisor

5 Star Rating

A lot of fun!

"Awesome activity. We had 3 teams, great weather and a lot of fun. We discovered the area, ate, drank, laughed and made tons of pics. Recommended!"

Algirdas T

5 Star Rating

Super fun

"The challenge is awesome, we are having a lot of fun, we advice other teams to take few minutes to plan, smartly, what tasks to do and how, and you will have an amazing time"

Mamdouh A

5 Star Rating

Fun trip

"Awesome experience. We had fun wandering through the city and completing challenges. We really advise doing it for fun."

blessing e

5 Star Rating


"Did this as a team challenge with colleagues and it was so much fun! Would definitely recommend it!!!"

Malene E

5 Star Rating

Explore local life.

"Great way to explore and experience local culture. And of course get some steps in in the process. Fun!"


5 Star Rating

Nice fun

"It is fun game to join and to break the ice and it can create some pressure on some people who really likes to win"


5 Star Rating

Fun scavenger hunt

"Super fun way to explore the city with friends. great variety of activities across history, art, nature"

Rigel B

5 Star Rating

Get to know Berlin!

"Hillarious, fun, unique, off the beaten path! Great for a big group team-building. Simon was a great leader and we had a ball!"


5 Star Rating


"Very nice experience. Living in Berlin or not is awesome. Very very good to do with friends or coworkers"


5 Star Rating

Had a lovely time!

"We loved this activity and had so much fun as a team-building exercise! We highly recommend this especially for a little tour of Berlin :)"

Julie S

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Make the City your Playground

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Urban Challenger App and Playing Cards

The Urban Challenger app contains all the challenges with bits of information to help you complete them. It'll keep track of the challenges you’ve done, tell you how much time is left and how many points you have made so far.

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