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Self Guided
€ /person
Start playing with our app right away.
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Game Material
Urban Challenger App

Our app contains challenges in six diverse categories that encourage city exploration and fun team bonding. It also includes a map that pinpoints challenges at local gems in the neighborhood. After completing a challenge, you can upload proof to score points. During a hosted event, you receive live feedback (read more at the Game Host section).

Printed Cards

We have created a printed edition of our game for those who enjoy screen-free time. This complements our app nicely as you can physically pass the cards around. For a complete digital detox, you can play exclusively with the cards and leave your phone in your pocket. Currently, this card game edition is only available in German.

Bag with Tools

For some challenges, a pencil and paper can be useful. If you opt for a live hosted event (details provided below), our Game Host will supply clipboards, pencils and paper for each team. In a self-organised game you can bring your own. You can also play without material, but certain challenges, like the artist's challenge of drawing the city, become more enjoyable when done on paper.

Interactive Challenges

Urban Challenger encourages an active approach to the world, embracing new ways of interaction. Our game combines various activities that serve as icebreakers, promoting spontaneous encounters with other people in the city. Speaking with strangers isn't merely a challenge to overcome, it's a potent method of breaking typical patterns of separation. It's a pathway to unique stories that life alone can compose.

Local Challenges

Our game includes many local gems within the city for you to discover. We also include important sights, but with interactive twists. Instead of merely visiting these locations, you'll embark on missions throughout the city. These missions encourage you to explore the city from an open and curious perspective.

Team Building Challenges

These challenges will foster deeper understanding among team members, strengthen bonds, and promote cooperation and trust. They allow individuals to be seen for who they truly are. The team learns to recognize each member's strengths, and find creative ways to organize themselves to achieve excellent results in a competitive environment.

Custom Challenges

In a co-creative session, we collaborate with you to create custom-tailored challenges that embody your company's values. These challenges will help your team connect with your brand. They may also involve interacting with people in the city and collecting first-hand feedback on your product or service. This process allows your team to better understand your customers and gain insights that contribute to creating genuinely valuable offerings.

Game Host
Live Game Host while you play

The Game Host will guide your team online through the event, explaining the game's rules at the start and announcing the winning team at the end. Throughout the game, each team will upload proof of completing each challenge—through a video, audio recording, or photo—via our app. Our Game Hosts will give feedback on each team's solutions and promote creativity in accomplishing the challenges. The Game Host awards points and thus acts as the judge of the game.

On-Site Game Host

Our Game Host will greet your team at the city's starting point. They'll grant all teams game access, explain the rules, and motivate participants. The host can also assist in forming teams and addressing any remaining questions or doubts. During the game, the Game Host will review challenge submissions and serve as a judge. With real-time contact with our Game Host, submitting each challenge proof becomes more engaging for teams, knowing who they're interacting with in the app.

Custom Start- & Endpoint

Our game provides teams with a great deal of freedom and autonomy since it does not adhere to a fixed route. This flexibility allows the game to start and finish at any location within the city. Some areas offer unique local challenges, which we incorporate into special editions with specific starting points. However, every neighborhood offers opportunities for exploration and unique experiences, even in the vicinity of your office!

Custom Game Timer

We can tailor the game duration to your specific needs. The game timer displays the remaining time each team has to submit challenges. Once the time is up, teams must return to the final meeting point and cannot score further points. Planning for a gaming session of 1 to 3 hours is sensible.

Custom Date & Time

If you want to book a game outside our listed times, you can request a specific date and time for your team event. We will check the availability of our Game Hosts and confirm if we can accommodate your request.

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