make the city your


It is not just what we do, it is how we do it, that shapes our experience. The Urban Challenger city game will shift the way you approach a city to a playful and curious mode. This game will have you see the city with new eyes, because...

  • Map

    Exploring the city is much more fun if you have a mission!

  • Playing Cards

    Make the city your playground and compete with other teams.

  • Photos

    Create fun memories. Hop right into action, that's where the best stories are written!

Choose a city to start your urban adventure:

… more cities coming in 2023

Berlin's Photoautomaten

Find one of Berlin's beloved Photoautomaten (automated photo booth) and squeeze your team in there to take a group picture. All faces must be visible – that's part of the challenge!


With the desire to discover hidden places, the Explorer keeps finding little treasures throughout Berlin.

Stumbling Blocks

Outside of many of Berlin's buildings there are yellow bricks built into the pavement – they're called Stolpersteine or "stumbling blocks". Find out the meaning of these stones, spot one in the streets and take a picture.

Time Traveler

Travel through space and time and take a glimpse into the city's past by finding places that have rich stories to tell.

Go Nuts in Kreuzberg

Find a turkish nut shop and get a bag of nuts. For an extra challenge, don't pick the one that seems most delicious but the one that you're most unfamiliar with.


You will learn about the specialties the city can offer your sense of taste and eat like the locals do.

Trees of Berlin

Find three different trees that live in Berlin. Take a picture of your team with the trees. Bring a leave of each tree and find out what tree species it is.

Nature Lover

Within the green of the city you will find ways to get in touch with nature and look for traces of wildlife in the streets.

Make an Urban Sketch

In this challenge, you'll pick out a part of the city that has a special feeling for you and try to capture it in a sketch.


You will spot famous street art pieces and perceive the city living out your artistic side in these challenges.

Invent a Handshake

Invent a unique greeting ritual for your team. It has to have at least five moves. You could use it as a celebration each time you complete a challenge.


These challenges will have you approaching people in the city and connect more deeply with your fellow teammates.

With challenges from these categories

All in one convenient app

Urban Challenger App and Playing Cards

The Urban Challenger app contains all the challenges with bits of information to help you complete them. It'll keep track of the challenges you’ve done, tell you how much time is left and how many points you have made so far.

Start your Urban Adventure

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